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In the name of my Lord and savior, Jesus Christ, I greet and welcome you to Divine Artistries LLC's website.  For years I have been on a spiritual journey to find my purpose in life and myself as an artist.  Through my journey I have learned that the Lord has given us gifts, and He not only expects, but He requires us to develop those gifts.  Therefore, it is my obligation, as an artist, to improve my God given gifts “One Artwork at A Time.”  I also realized that “I am a manager of the gifts He has given me,” so it is my duty to give back to God and to share my talents with the world. So world, here ya go!!!  I hope you enjoy your journey!!!

Blessings to ya!!!
Chakila L. Hoskins

Artist Chakila Hoskins


  • Mission

    Divine Artistries LLC's is committed to serve others as defined in I Peter 4:10 NIV: “Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God’s grace in its various forms.”

  • Vision

    Divine Artistries LLC's vision is to minister and educate while uniting God’s people through art forms.

  • Goal

    Divine Artistries LLC's goal is to give back to God by developing the gifts given unto thee and share them with the world. It is also to inspire, encourage, and to assist with the process of centering the lives of others with the inclusion of the Visually Impaired in a very visual world.

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